Interest Rate Model
Internal Guidelines on Corporate Governance
KYC AML Policy
Fair Practice Code
Related Party Transactions Policy
Policy on Vigil Mechanism
CSR Policy
Code for Independent Director
Code of Conduct Employees
Terms of Appointment of Independent Director
Grievance Redressal Officer
Code of Conduct As Prescribed By IRDA
Code of Conduct for DSA
Director’s Appointment and Remuneration Policy
Annexure 1 – LRM
EGM Notice_Nov 20, 2020
AGM Notice_Sept 26, 2020
EGM Notice_ Aug 31, 2020
EGM Notice_June 26, 2020
EGM Notice_Feb 17, 2020
AGM Notice_Jul 12, 2019
EGM Notice_Apr 17, 2019
AGM Notice_Jul 17, 2018
EGM Notice_Mar 27, 2018
AGM Notice_Jun 23, 2017
EGM Notice_Nov 07, 2016
AGM Notice_Jun 23, 2016
EGM Notice_Feb 23, 2016
EGM Notice_Nov 02, 2015
AGM Notice_Jun 26, 2015
EGM Notice_Jun 01, 2015
EGM Notice_Apr 01, 2015
CARE Rating February 2020
CARE Rating March 2019
CARE Rating March 2018
CARE Rating May 2017
CARE Rating April 2016
Form MGT-9 March 2020
Form MGT-9 March 2019
Form MGT-9 March 2018
Financial Results as on 30th September, 2020

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How finance can empower the agri-community to grow
October 22, 2020

How finance can empower the agri-community to grow

The Indian agriculture market is estimated to be worth INR 18,367 billion (2019) Currently, India ranks within the world’s five largest producers of over 80% of agricultural items, including many cash crops Easy availability of credit is a major driver of the Indian agriculture industry Many farmers and agribusinesses do not have access to timely and suitable credit leading to lower production...

5 things to look for when availing an agri-finance loan
October 15, 2020

5 things to look for when availing an agri-finance loan

The agriculture sector contributes significantly to the Indian economy in terms of revenue and employment It makes for around 16% of the Indian GDP and 4149 percent of the workforce employment But farming and related commercial activities are tough It requires labour, supplies, land, and equipment It also faces risks like vagaries of weather, shrinking farm sizes and pest infestation Limited...